Issue Title
No 5 (2012) The influence of landscape variation on landform categorization Abstract   PDF
Maia Williams, Werner Kuhn, Marco Painho
No 8 (2014): Special feature on Open Source Geospatial Education and Research The open source dynamics in geospatial research and education Details   PDF
Olivier Ertz, Sergio J Rey, Stéphane Joost
No 7 (2013): Special feature on Semantic and Conceptual Issues in GIS (SeCoGIS) The semantic similarity ensemble Abstract   PDF
Andrea Ballatore, Michela Bertolotto, David C. Wilson
No 2 (2011): Special feature on Behavior Monitoring and Interpretation The semantics of similarity in geographic information retrieval Abstract   PDF
Krzysztof Janowicz, Martin Raubal, Werner Kuhn
No 1 (2010): Special Feature on Presenting Spatial Information This is the tricky part: When directions become difficult Abstract   PDF
Stephen Hirtle, Kai-Florian Richter, Samvith Srinivas, Robert Firth
No 14 (2017) Topological augmentation: A step forward for qualitative partition reasoning Abstract   PDF
Matthew P. Dube
No 2 (2011): Special feature on Behavior Monitoring and Interpretation Towards a computational transportation science Abstract   PDF
Stephan Winter, Monika Sester, Ouri Wolfson, Glenn Geers
Discussion Forum Towards innovative interfaces for historical and geographical thinking: qualitative filtering with co-occurrence graphs for geohumanities Abstract   PDF
Catherine Emma Jones, Daniele Guido, Marta Severo
No 13 (2016): Special Feature: Provenance and Credibility in Spatial and Platial Data Trajectory data mining: A review of methods and applications Abstract   PDF
Jean Damascène Mazimpaka, Sabine Timpf
Discussion Forum Trajectory Processing, from Raw Mobility Data to Knowledge: A Survey Abstract   PDF
Marwa Manaa, Thouraya Sakouhi, Jalel Akaichi
No 5 (2012) Tutorial report: Understanding spatial thought through language use Abstract   PDF
Thora Tenbrink, Tommaso D'Odorico, Christoph Hertzberg, Güzin Mazman, Chiara Meneghetti, Nina Reshöft, Jinlong Yang
No 1 (2010): Special Feature on Presenting Spatial Information Twenty years of progress: GIScience in 2010 Abstract   PDF
Michael F Goodchild
No 9 (2014) Twitter location (sometimes) matters: Exploring the relationship between georeferenced tweet content and nearby feature classes Abstract   PDF
Stefan Hahmann, Ross Purves, Dirk Burghardt
No 2 (2011): Special feature on Behavior Monitoring and Interpretation Uncertainty-aware video visual analytics of tracked moving objects Abstract   PDF
Markus Höferlin, Benjamin Höferlin, Daniel Weiskopf, Gunther Heidemann
Discussion Forum Using mobility data as proxy for measuring urban vitality Abstract   PDF
Patrizia Sulis, Ed Manley, Chen Zhong, Michael Batty
No 6 (2013): Special feature on Web and Wireless Geographic Information Systems Using trend clusters for spatiotemporal interpolation of missing data in a sensor network Abstract   PDF
Annalisa Appice, Anna Ciampi, Donato Malerba, Pietro Guccione
Discussion Forum VGI in surveying engineering: introducing collaborative cloud land surveying Abstract   PDF
Ioannis Sofos, Vassilios Vescoukis, Maria Tsakiri
No 10 (2015) Visualizing patterns in spatially ambiguous point data Abstract   PDF
Jonny Huck, Duncan Whyatt, Paul Coulton
Discussion Forum Vulnerability of transport networks to multi-scenario flooding and optimum location of emergency centers: A GIS Approach Abstract   PDF
Alfredo Pérez-Morales, Francisco Gomariz-Castillo, Pedro Pardo-Zaragoza
No 6 (2013): Special feature on Web and Wireless Geographic Information Systems Web and Wireless Geographic Information Systems Details   PDF
Sergio Di Martino, Adriano Peron, Taro Tezuka
Discussion Forum Who, why and when? Using smart card and social media data to reveal flows through urban spaces Abstract   PDF
Yuanxuan Yang, Alexis Comber, Alison Heppenstall
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