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Table of Contents

Research Articles

Twitter location (sometimes) matters: Exploring the relationship between georeferenced tweet content and nearby feature classes PDF Comments
Stefan Hahmann, Ross Purves, Dirk Burghardt 1-36
Geocoding location expressions in Twitter messages: A preference learning method PDF Comments
Wei Zhang, Judith Gelernter 37-70
Road network selection for small-scale maps using an improved centrality-based algorithm PDF Comments
Roy Weiss, Robert Weibel 71-99
Similarity of trajectories taking into account geographic context PDF Comments
Maike Buchin, Somayeh Dodge, Bettina Speckmann 101-124

Book Reviews

Spatial Mathematics: Theory and Practice through Mapping by Sandra Lach Arlinghaus and Joseph J. Kerski PDF Comments
Azadeh Mousavi 125-127

Letters to the Editors

GI science, not GIScience PDF Comments
Andreas Christoffer Hall 129-131
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